KINAHAIYA roadside station market

Roadside station KINAHAIYA

The town of Shirokawa, which is surrounded by the mountains of Shikoku, is rich in natural resources.

In the roadside station market there are stalls displaying and selling local specialities.

Among these, hand-made ham and sausages of local pork, made by a German master butcher, are particularly popular. There is also a noodle section, offering local products such as udon and buckwheat noodles, and an information section, which provides information about sightseeing and local events.

Production facilities

Production facilities

Not only can you enjoy buying, in the roadside market shops, confectionery (such as steam buns), which has just been made: you can also watch the manufacturing process.

Light dishes

Light dishes

We serve a range of light dishes, such as udon, buckwheat noodles, or curry and rice. An especially popular one is a bowl of pork and bacon in steamed rice. This is made from bacon from Shirokawa’s Nature Farm and pork loin from Ehime Prefecture.

Roadside station facilities

Parking lot (2 large cars, 18 standard-sized cars, 1 disabled person’s car )
Rest room (5 toilets for men, 5 for women, 1 for disabled persons )
Sweet manufacturing shop Speciality centre

Opening hours

from 9:00 to 18:00 (Parking lot and rest room are available 24 hours a day)
7 days a week.

Location of KINAHAIYA roadside station market

1008-1 Oriai Shirokawa-cho Seiyo-city Ehime 797-1717 Japan
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Tel. +81-(0)894-82-1100 /Fax. +81-(0)894-82-0888

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